Air Cube – the “portable spraybooth”

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Ideal for SMART repairs and touch-ups, the AirCube is a convenient and cost-effective way to process touch ups and small cosmetic repairs without taking up valuable spraybooth time.

Popular with all spray shops, including mobile SMART repairers, volume bodyshops, joineries, kitchen repairs and other manufacturing facilities, the Air Cube is a versatile, safe and fully compliant "portable spraybooth". 

Equipped with a powerful extraction fan and two stage filtration system, the Air Cube captures overspray and safely extracts paint fumes away from the working environment in full compliance with Health & Safety guidance “SMART paint spraying: How to control health and safety risks

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Continuous product specification change without notice


The mobile Air Cube is a high performance mobile extraction system designed for use within spray shops and smart repair enclosures. 

It comprises an axial fan, direct driven by a single phase motor.  The motor is housed in a steel casing separating it from the contaminated air being extracted (known as bifurcation) and minimising the risk of fume ignition, as recommended by Health & Safety Guidance. 

Fan and power

Air volume capacity up to     2000 m3/hr
Motor                            0.37KW single-phase (240v)
Running current            2.5A (240v) or 5.0A (110v)


Total filter area              Approx 0.5 m2
Primary filter type         2"glass fibre paint stop
Secondary filter type    Fine polyester secondary filter

EPA Compliant filters used. 

Filtration/Extraction on three sides of Air Cube - front and both sides only.


Frame material              Anodised aluminium
Panelling material         Pre-painted 0.7mm steel
Transformer material    0.8mm galvanised steel


600mm x 600mm x 600mm (excluding handles)
Flexible duct: 6000mm long x 450mm diameter
Power cable: 6000mm long

Standard 3 pin 240V plug or 3 pin 16A 110V plug with 6m flex cable to allow connection away from working area.

Unit mounted Emergency stop