Industrial spraybooths

Industrial spraybooths


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Versatile and robust dry-back spraybooth for a wide range of applications.  Powerful fan system draws overspray to be captured safely by duplex filtration system, in line with all relevant Health & Safety and Environmental legislation. Overhead canopy includes compliant lighting system. 



Custom dimensions available.


The main shell of the unit is constructed from galvanised steel, single skinned interlocking panels fixed together using self drilling screws. The finish both inside and out is to be galvanised steel.

Air movement

The Extract air is extracted at minimum rate of 22,000m3/hr giving a booth face velocity of 0.7m/s. The air is motivated by one centrifugal.

The fan is centrifugal driven flow unit fitted with non-flameproof motors. They are designed for the spray booth application, with protection offered to the drive components and easy maintenance access.

The fan and motor will be weather proof by a galvanise Cube.


Concertina Cardboard filter


Two twin 5' light fitting. This is mounted in the ceiling and shine down through clear polycarbonate.

Electricity supply single or three phase with a neutral - supply confirmed


Manufactured to DW142 standard.