ATEX Heater

£734.97 + VAT

Compact ATEX-certified finned rod-type electric heater, suitable for heating small work or storage areas such as a paint mixing room / paint kitchen, paint store, solvent store and chemical storage areas. 

Lightweight coated mild steel enclosure certified weatherproof to IP66, with coated mild steel guard.  Support feet pre-drilled suitable for floor mounting supplied as standard, with wall mounting brackets available as a cost option.

Available in other capacities 2kW, 3kW (price on application)

Capacity:       1kW
Voltage:         240V, iPh, 50Hz / 415V 3ph, 50Hz (4-W STAR)
Cable entry:   1 x 20mm
Certification:  ATEX certified Ex II 2G Ex’e’ IIC T3 Zone 1 & 2
Dimensions:  1221mm x 160mm x 186mm
Weight:          Approx 14kg
Suitable for ambient temperatures from -60°C to +40°C

Optional flameproof room thermostat 

Designed for the temperature control of work or storage areas in conjunction with the above ATEX heater.  Cast stainless steel enclosure with two x M20 cable entries, external and internal earths and internal neutral link.

Dimensions: 105mm x 105mm x 55mm
Weight:         2.1kg
Certification: ATEX certified Ex II 2 G Ex'd' IIIC T6 Zone 1 & 2
Controls:       0°C to 40°C 
Mounting:     2 x 6mm dia shrouded mounting holes
Voltage:       SPDT, 16 Amp 250v in a choice of switching configuration.
Ask for Data sheet for Other models 2kw (SB), 3kw.

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