Extraction Workbench

£2,530.00 + VAT

The fan extraction bench provides a solid work platform within a workshop or Smart repair facility, for the dry sanding of components and parts.

A high airflow fan is mounted inside the bench and draws air over the component as it is being abraded.  Dust from the sanding process is drawn by the airflow through the perforated bench top into high efficiency filters.  Clean air is expelled underneath the bench.

General Construction

Anodised Aluminium Frame
Pre-painted Steel & Pre-painted Aluminium body panels
Adjustable levelling feet

Overall Dimensions

(Other sizes are available)

Width 1.8m
Height 0.85m
Depth 0.75m

Air Movement

Downdraught airflow through bench
Running Current 5.3A

Fan Details

Belt driven centrifugal  fan
0.75KW, single phase, 240v motor
Running Current 5.6A


Dual Layer Filtration (Filter specifications are selected according to customer requirements)
Primary polyester coarse layer protecting
Secondary high efficiency, multi-pocket, bag filter With "F7" rating for general automotive sanding


Push button, Front mounted controls incorporating motor overload protection
"Magnehelic" differential air pressure gauge for filter contamination monitoring


Optional extra twin LED light unit

Power and Air

Optional extra electric points and air connection 


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