Smoke clearance checks


Helping you stay safe and compliant

Our friendly and experienced team provides low cost and efficient breathing smoke clearance checks throughout the UK, either as part of your routine spraybooth service plan or as a stand-alone service.

We understand the importance of safety and compliance, and will ensure your workshop runs smoothly and safely, so you can focus on what you do best.

Why clearance times matter

Paint sprayers are 80 times more likely to develop occupational asthma than workers in other industries. This has been linked to the inhalation of hazardous fumes when a spraybooth is “visually” clear but may still contain a lingering invisible paint mist

Smoke clearance testing was introduced to measure the time it takes for a spraybooth to clear all airborne contaminants after spraying has stopped, including the invisible paint mist. Only after the clearance time has elapsed is a spraybooth safe for operatives to enter without air-fed personal protective equipment (PPE).

A visual indication

Ideally performed just before filter changes (to provide a worst-case scenario), the clearance time measured and displayed outside each spraybooth entry point to ensure operatives know when a booth is safe after spraying.

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