Pleated panel air filters

£56.63 + VAT

Higher efficiency and dust holding capacity capacity than similar sized glass fibre or synthetic filters.  Consist of reinforced filter media bonded to an expanded metal support grid, which is pleated to provide a filtration surface area that is 3 times larger than the face area of the filter.  This means the filter can handle higher air volumes and has a lower pressure drop, saving energy and reducing running costs.

These filters are robust, reliable and come in a moisture resistant incinerable cardboard frame (47mm deep). 

  • Protects heater or condenser coils and other system parts
  • For healthier living and working conditions
  • Hospital clean areas and other clean zones
  • manufacture of foods, pharmaceuticals and delicate electronics


Pre filter for comfort air conditioning applications.

Also suitable for inlet filtration for paint mixing rooms & paint  kitchens, and some industrial style spray booths.


Disposable pleated panel filter.


Mixture of cotton and synthetic fibre.


48mm deep moisture resistant incinerable cardboard.
Gravimetric efficiency:    90%
EN779:2012 efficiency:   G4
Recommended final pressure drop:    250Pa
Max temperature:    70ºC maximum 
Supplied in packs of 10.

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