Duplex Extract Filter (unsewn)

£93.65 + VAT

Based on combining our 2" primary spraybooth extract filter with our secondary fine filter to create an EPA compliant filter system for spraybooth extraction systems.

Primary extract filter (often known as paintstop) has a large paint holding capacity and forms the first layer of filtration from the spray booth designed to catch the majority of spray paint overspray.  The secondary filter is finer to remove more particles from the extracted air, and is of 100% polyester fibre construction.

We provide these UNSEWN (i.e. as separate rolls) due to popular demand, as the primary layer typically needs changing more often than the secondary.

Delivered in 20m rolls that are easily cut to size.  Choice of three different widths (610, 710 & 1000mm) to suit the majority of spraybooth extraction systems. 

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