How an industrial curtain can transform a workspace

How an industrial curtain can transform a workspace

Here at Filtercare, we feel one of the best ways of demonstrating the services we offer is to provide case studies of projects we have been involved in.

One recent job for a customer in Milton Keynes, shows what can be achieved by installing a hard-wearing PVC curtain to section off a dedicated area of a workshop or work unit.

Workshop divider

This particular customer operates a car repair business and they wanted to section off one corner of the workshop, which was set aside for aluminium repairs.

It was important that the aluminium workshop was given its own devoted space, as it is a distinct area of work requiring a different set of tools and equipment compared with those required for working on steel or chrome etc.

High quality, flame retardant PVC curtain

The industrial curtain wall, measuring 9.2m x 7.7m, is constructed from flame-retardant, reinforced high-quality PVC, finished in white with a central clear strip.

It is suspended from the ceiling of the building by threaded rods and runs on a track using a wheel mechanism which allows the curtain to be drawn or opened extremely smoothly. A chain pocket at the base of the curtain weighs it down, so that it hangs nice and straight – meaning it looks great and is easy to operate.

Velcro edging is used to join the curtains while built-in handles make it easier to separate the curtains when required.


Minimal disruption

It took the Filtercare team a day to install this curtain. We arranged to do the job on a Saturday when the business was closed to minimise any disruption. It meant that the customer could return to work on the Monday to find the job finished and a new workspace ready for them to use.

The wonderful thing about this type of set-up is that is provides businesses with the versatility to have a separate area or, alternatively, they can open it up and create a larger space depending on their specific requirements at the time.

As well as using this type of curtain divider to create an aluminium work bay, other common applications include dust control areas or temporary spray enclosures.


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