Low cost workshop dividing wall put up in just one day for Cooney Marine

Low cost workshop dividing wall put up in just one day for Cooney Marine

Cooney Marine is a leader in stainless engineering for the international marine industry, producing a wide range of fittings and deck equipment used by super yacht manufacturers and boat owners.

Its products are also in demand in the architectural industry where they have been used on numerous projects including the new Welsh Assembly buildings and structures in the City of London.

Filtercare recently worked with Cooney Marine to supply and install a curtain wall dividing system at its workshop in Kettering. The new flame retardant PVC curtain was required to create a distinct working area in the company’s factory. 

The 12m x 5m installation was slotted into an aluminium track at ceiling level and was tensioned at the bottom using floor bars bolted to the floor.  In addition, the curtain wall was tensioned from left to right using specialist ratchet straps.  This configuration created a total seal across all sides of the wall, forming a separate space in the building.

Within the curtain wall, two standard-size PVC strip doors were also included to enable people to move freely between sections.

The installation was completed within one day – a factor that helped minimise disruption at the workshop. The cost of installation was also a fraction of the cost of building an internal brick wall at the site.

Cooney Marine were delighted with the end result and the quality of the finished dividing wall. "The curtain wall system is winner all round for us," commented Jamie Gillam, Purchasing Manager at Cooney Marine. "It was cheaper than the alternatives, looks great and the fact that it went up in just one day saved us a lot of hassle."

You can find out more about Cooney Marine by visiting their website at www.cooneymarine.co.uk.


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